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This seven year old bay gelding, Adam Suances (Adam) won over $155K at the track and is now retired with a bow tendon that should heal up in 6 months time. He had bowed his other tendon at some point but it is now hard as a rock. He is being rehabbed at Bollinger Ranch by NS volunteer Marla Sharlow.

Adam has the look of a sport horse and comes in at a very large 17 hands. Both his parents were from Great Britain and thus turf specialists. One can just imagine Adam jumping over fences!

Marla says he is very sweet and quiet and already likes his Fresian mare neighbor.

Update: September 2012

Adam went to his new home at Travis Air Force Base today with his foster to adoption family. He is joining Formal Image (Buck) there. He is 100% sound and is being ridden in the arena.

Update: January 2013

Unfortunately due to a health crisis in the family Adam was returned to the Neigh Savers program. This gorgeous and sweet boy is now available to some lucky adopter. Don't miss out on your own personal gentle giant!!

Barn Manager Marla Sharlow reports as follows: "Adam spent time at Travis and proved to be the kind soul he was even the first day off the track. They gave him lots of love and turn out time with other horses in order to finish setting his bow. Adam spent a lot of time under western tack in the round pen to assist him with the anxiety some horses have being put back under saddle. They did a lot of ground work and 6 year old Taylor was riding him around bareback while large aircraft took off right next to the on base equestrian center. When we picked him up he was furrier although he was still the the same sweet boy. We gave him a week to reacclimate during which we removed his shoes and had his feet trimmed. Today Volunteer Jessica climbed on this 17 hand boy in a dressage saddle and a rubber snaffle and started his official training. Just as we suspected he was a dream. Listening and working at the walk trot, doing circles and even a leg yield. Nothing phased him -- he was all business.

Update: March 2013

We are pleased to report that Adam has been adopted and will be moving to the Bakersfield area to join Tahlia F. and her human and equine herd there. Tahlia made the trip northwards and fell in love after riding Adam in arena and said he is all she has been looking for. We are so happy that Tahlia and Adam connected. Yay!!!!!

Watch Adam in the arena on YouTube

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