Sacramento Queen (Bella)

Sacramento Queen (Bella) is a six year old dark brown unraced mare by Jalisco. Her great grandfather was one of the greatest horses ever to grace us, Seattle Slew. Bella's owner had to give her up, having lost her job and with no income to continue to pay her board and feed. Neigh Savers made arrangements for Bella to join Gasin the Turbo at Paddington Station in Potter Valley.

Bella has no injuries but we have decided to give her the winter off to recover from the trauma she has recently undergone. She will be available for adoption come summer 2010. In the meantime she will get to know her pasture buddies, become more secure and be comfortable in her daily routine to just be able to be a horse with no expectations whatsoever put upon her.

Bella has been trained under Western saddle.

Update: April 2010

Due to the terrible psychological and emotional abuse and likely physical abuse as well this mare will not be adopted out but will remain at Paddington Station. It is heartbreaking to see how broken this poor mare is. Perhaps in time, though it might take years, we will return to contemplating adoption. For now her interactions with humans are so fear based that she is a danger to herself and those working with her.

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