Sin City Diva

"Sin City Diva" or Coco is a four year old filly by Gotham City. She is unraced as she injured herself and was permanently retired at two years old. She will never race and it is still doubtful that she can even be ridden. Therefore, Neigh Savers is sponsoring her at Paddington Station. Coco has no sponsorship at all and Neigh Savers' sponsorship of her is a burden on our general operating expenses. However, out of empathy we have a number of horses in the same situation as Coco that we have taken on that have little left than to be pasture ornaments. However, they are not in pain but cannot take the stress of a rider. These horses can usually become fine companion horses turned out in pasture. Horses are coming off track badly injured at younger and younger ages. Whereas most horses in the past had race track starts that many times could exceed 100, the average starts for race horses before their careers are finished is now a mere 6.8!!! This puts a tremendous strain on organizations such as ours. Coco needs your help -- just $50 a month will sponsor her.

Coco is shown here with her fast friend "Sacramento Queen" (Bella). These two gals are bonded at the hip. Although Bella is sound she is so psychologically damaged that she is also not for adoption or being ridden at this time. It may take another year or so for Bella to gain the trust of humans. Last year when we rescued her and started sponsoring her no one could get near her. This year at horse camp we could approach her, remove and put on a fly mask, etc. Bella also has no sponsorship and you can read her full story here: Sacramento Queen

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