Summer in Dublin (Click here for Past Performances)


Summer in Dublin is a 5 year old 16.1 hands registered BLACK gelding by Attitus that only raced 3 times at Golden Gate Fields and earned a measly $780. He is a nice boy but neither likes nor he is cut out for racing. Yay!! Dublin was with the Sonoma Team and is still located nearby but is being fostered and trained by Joan who might possibly adopt him. He is in a 3 month trial that will end on April 1, 2013. Dublin is still figuring out what he might want to do in future. Please read Dublin's blog for more about this interesting and unique guy. Last we heard he was jumping over anything put in front of him.


Update - February 2013

For all practical intents and purposes Dublin has been adopted and is living The Life of Riley in Santa Rosa, CA with Joan R. She has taught him to be a horse and have fun and is now teaching him jumping. Dublin gets along very well with his older TB stablemate "Cowboy" who is still teaching him who it is that's actually boss. What a great life Dublin now has!!

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