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"Edit This" or Eddie is a lovely 8 year old dark bay gelding by Editor's Note (Forty Niner). His great grandfather is Mr. Prospector --- the greatest sire of all time and he is a spitting image of his great grandfather if you check out photos of Mr. Prospector. Even his beautiful fluid movement reminds one of this great late horse. Eddie is a big boy coming in at a just a hair under 16.3 hands.

Since Eddie had 38 races and earned nearly 100K we have him on joint supplements such as MSM although he retired sound from the track. He has a clever mind and is very affectionate as well. WE ARE AMAZED THAT NO ONE HAS CLAIMED THIS EXCEPTIONAL HORSE AS THEIR OWN YET.

Eddie is currently at Bear Creek Stables in Los Gatos, CA. This Jenny's latest report: "Even with horses running around in the big arena, both remain quiet and focused in the round pen...yea! They both eagerly want to return to me when I send them off and they move their haunches over with light pressure. On the trail, Black Jack tends to be quieter than Eddie but Eddie has made vast improvements. In fact, the other day, I ponied him after two days of being cooped up from the rain and even though he had to buck here and there, he still stayed under control and attentive." This is a horse that has just recently come off track and never saw a trail before. All of Jenny's charges have turned into fabulous trail horses --- not spooking at anything --- crossing water and bridges willingly -- and easily dealing with dogs and cyclists. Eddie is a real find for someone that wants a nice companion and riding horse.

Update - January 2013

Jenny reports that Eddie is such a joy to be around. She often lets him graze outside and free in the evenings when most people have gone home. "Today, I was going to get on him bareback and with only a halter and reins to see if it's the English saddle girth or snaffle bit. He is absolutely a gas to play with on the ground. He runs after me like a puppy with enthusiasm and joy and loves contact with people. Everyone who meets him, loves him. "

Update - May 2013

Jenny reports: "I rode him a couple days after we spoke. He was very quiet and willing. We tooled around the round pen doing figure eights, walk and stop. He’s learning to back up. A couple days later I rode him around the large arena and around the stable property. We did several walk/trot transitions using the whole arena. He responded well to verbal queues (I use them a lot on the trail when I pony). He remained calm and attentive. He did this slow smooth trot that almost felt gaited. Next week, I plan on continuing his training in the arena and taking him on the trail if he’s ready. I feel confident that he will move along very quickly now."

Update - June 2013

"Well, here is documentation of Eddie’s first trail ride! He did great. All the energy and attitude that Eddie has directed in the past to win his races is now directed towards pleasing me. He is now willing to give up his heart. It took a long time but it was worth the wait. He has so much courage and willingness to offer his person. I am truly touched. An exceptional animal with a wonderful mind. " A few days later Jenny filed this report: " Took Eddie to the old Vineyard yesterday with a friend riding Page. He did really well. I cantered on his back for the first time on a gradual uphill for about 1/4 to 1/2 mile. He has an elevated slow canter and is learning to balance himself with my additional weight. He seems content to canter slowly but I bet they didn’t ask him to do that much at the track! His trot almost seems gaited it is that smooth."

For an adoption application and more information about how to schedule a visit with Eddie, please email info@neighsavers.com

Update - October 2013

After spending nearly a year with us Eddie has been adopted by Elizabeth and has moved to Carmel Valley, CA. Elizabeth is a former track exercise rider and will be using Eddie for light arena work and trail riding. And Eddie has turned into the premier fearless trail horse!!!

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