Our Fair Lad (Click here for Past Performances)

Our Fair Lad (Laddie) is a six year old dark brown gelding with an undistinguised race record. However undistinquished his race record may have been Laddie does look every inch the racehorse. He seems a very tall 16.3 h/h. His legs are clean and with training he may have potential as a hunter-jumper. He was retired from the track with what might have been a hairline fracture of the pelvis although no xrays were taken. We will take a sonogram and assess if there is still damage. Laddie's last race was in 2008 so if he did indeed have a hairline fracture it certainly should have healed completely by now and should cause no problems. will be able to get this boy back on the right track and plan to start training him as soon as he has been cleared by our resident vet Dr. Charles Strickland.

Poor Laddie...he is such a sweet guy and seems to have had some training as he is well mannered on the ground. He really loves attention and apparently play with other horses although we are still holding off on that. Laddie went through some incredibly tough times and was dumped on a 16 year old kid who had neither the experience or means to care for him. He was incredibly thin and uncared for and living in deplorable conditions. He was first rescued by The Golden Carrot in Anza, CA. However, The Golden Carrot is a permanent retirement facility specializing in senior horses and "Dennis the Menace" was really out of his element there. We are glad we could help Casey out by taking him on.

Update - June 2012

We could not get Laddie right and he continued to show signs of body soreness in his shoulder and hip areas after being ridden. Because he is only pasture sound we returned him to The Golden Carrot and Casey O'Connor's excellent care. We believe a permanent sanctuary situation is more in Laddie's best interest at this time.

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