We have a holiday story to share with you. Some of you may be offended or even angry but in the end a horse was saved. This is the story of an unwanted mare and one that was bound for slaughter and that we did not turn away as we could have. We don’t know of a single accredited organization in California that has taken as many horses off feedlots or from tracks and even a shelter as we have in 2012. We are filled to the brim and financially it would not have been wise to take another horse, and yet, when “Lady” appeared at our door we did not turn her away. There she was, a flea-bitten gray mare between the ages of 16 - 23, shivering in the back of a trailer without a blanket, completely dejected and alone. The person delivering a PMU rescue Belgian to the facility in the Ukiah area where we keep our pasture sound only horses proudly proclaimed she ALSO rescues TBs off the track and runs an operation on the North Coast. I wish I had a nickel for every person that’s ever proclaimed to do what we do. Just say what you are: a horse trader that makes a profit out of these horses. Or just don’t say you “rescue” when in the same breath you also say “this one has got to go because I have no use for her and can’t turn her around.” When we inquired as to what would become of the gray mare we were more or less told that her “future is very uncertain if you don’t take her” meaning she would next be delivered to a feed lot and then sent to slaughter. We took her and are still trying to figure out who she is....we can make out most of the tattoo so she did race and apparently was also a broodmare at a breeding facility. Another un-sponsored Neigh Savers charge. Just what we needed for the holidays and yet somehow it is exactly what this time of the year is all about. This beautifully kind and sweet mare is almost white and the Christmas angel that arrived on our doorstep so unexpectedly. As you can see Lady now has her own waterproof blanket and is safe. Any donations or sponsorships to her care would be greatly appreciated.

Update - January 2013

Lady and Neigh Savers thanks her benefactor Juliette Hengartner-Ald that is helping sponsor her.

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