Dancing Prince


"Dancing Prince" is a five year old bay gelding by Bertrando. He is out of the mare "Prettiest Princess" (Point Given). This blueblood TB is 16.3hh and will make an excellent show horse in time. He is currently in a 90 day training regimen donated by professional trainer Kim Bredehoft.

Luke as we are calling him since he also has "Skywalker" in his pedigree has a very undistinquished race record. He had just two starts although he did Show (came in third) in his last and only start late 2012. His total earnings as an almost 5 year old amounted to $1,200. Luke then developed a staph infection and at his age and the fact that he didn't show the heart for racing, his owner decided to compassionately retire him and donate him to Neigh Savers. We feel he has much more upside off the track and are thrilled to be getting a horse that is not in rehab and retires sound. We have a lot of faith that Luke will excel in his second career in either jumping, eventing or dressage.

February 2013

Neigh Savers Senior Volunteer Rachel Masen is keeping a blog of Luke's New Life. It is an interesting read. If you want to take the time to get to know this horse as we are, the blog is worth a read.

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April 2013

A few words from Senior Volunteer Rachel Masen about Luke:

First thing I should say is, Luke is green. He's only been off the track a little over three months and of course he's not a finished horse. You'd think that would be obvious, but we had a potential adopter who told us that she wanted a horse who was trained, not green (not sure what she was expecting in three months...but oh well). He does have some things that we are still working on. We've been doing a little bit of everything rather than focusing on one thing. He is pretty solid on the trail and we have moved on from that. He needs much more work in the arena. Leg yielding, balance and strength in both directions, smooth transitions and building up this top line...all of that takes time. Luke is, as you said above, intelligent and desires learning. He rarely does anything naughty and only really "misbehaves" when he's confused and doesn't understand what your asking (lunging for instance he sometimes stops and can't figure out what to do when the kids are working with him). He also has the few issues that were mentioned several blogs ago. He's nibbly/mouthy. He is now much better, but that is something that he will need continued reinforcement with as he could always revert (he literally ate a halter the first week he was with us). He gets funny sometimes when leading if another horse is running around like crazy in a pasture or turn out. This is also MUCH better than when he came, but one of those things that you just have to check him on, and move on. He doesn't like being curried, but we're focusing on that every time we work with him to try to get him to chill out about it. His skin is obviously sensitive. His other "issue" is that he tail swishes when he's being ridden. It's not saddle fit (as he does it in any and every saddle we put him in). It occurs when you give him leg and he's done it from the first day we got on him. It's much improved in the last three months, however not totally gone. He's getting more comfortable with leg. He has never even thought about bucking or rearing under saddle. He's never kicked at another horse. He's sweet and loves being around people. He loves attention and actually enjoys his head being handled. We really are all in love with him. He will be a nice dressage horse (very nice trot and canter and once he builds up his topline and pulls his legs under himself, he will float! I'm certain). He would make a great trail/pleasure horse (though that would honestly be a waste of his talents). He's got a pretty standard TB confirmation, so I would imagine he could make a decent jumper/hunter from his confirmation and from his guts, however we have not tried him over fences (because no interested party thus far has been interested in him for that purpose).

April 2013

Luke has been adopted and will be moving to his new home in Morgan Hill, CA the beginning of May. Congratulations Kate Sue G.!

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