Excessively Rich (Click here for Past Performances)

"Richie" is a six year old gelding by Richly Blended (Excessive Wonder-In Excess) and is quite a big boy at 16.2 hh. Richie had 19 starts, 7 wins, 3 places and 3 shows. He was quite the race horse and was still racing competitively at Los Alamitos when he bowed a tendon and needed to be retired.

In time Richie recovered from his bowed tendon track injury in the right leg and it hardened to the point where it is no longer causing him any problems. However, Richie developed bone spurs/occulets in his left foot and now only has 10% flexion on that foot/ankle. We attempted to build up his cartilage by giving him Adequan injections/treatments but at his latest vet examination late February 2010 he still shows no improvement. Our vet has said that he is not in pain but that this infirmity limits his ability to carry a rider. Thus, Richie can now only be a pasture pet or companion equine. We tried for 18 months to get him right after his retirement from the track but sadly Richie is a product over-racing.

Richie does have a great personality and is a real looker with his lovely white blaze. He loves to play with items left in the arena and any handy water hose. He is gentle and loves to be groomed and fussed over. He gets along with both equine and human friends and enjoys being outside. He is not happy when confined in a stall now, even for short periods. In addition, his feet-hooves are in great shape and he can go barefoot.

Richie is now in Clayton, CA and joined other rescues there Ymustichasethecat, Materazzi and Doolledo. Richie is shown in the last two photos, companionably eating out of the same bucket with Dooie and Cat while the torrential rain takes a break in soggy California.

There is no adoption donation associated with Richie...however, we still will carefully screen all applicants. Please help give Richie a forever home. He so deserves it after truly giving his all to the sport of racing.

Update - March 2010

"What an exciting and rewarding day this was! I think I found Richie's calling or place in life! I was out working today when the neighbor yelled over and asked if his daughter and friend could see the horses. They asked to pet one and I got Richie out since he is gentle and just standing around. The girls are around 12 years old and the neighbor girl has a horse boarded down the street. They loved Richie and were walking him up and down the driveway as I did chores close by. Then they were grooming him and feeding him most of your carrots. One of the girls asked to ride a horse and I said I can't do that, but asked if she would like to sit on Richie and she said yes. I took a big chance knowing the risks and sat her on him, with a helmet of course. She weighs about 80 lbs and Richie was so sweet and so gentle. It was like he was a whole different horse and wanted to walk so I walked him around for quite awhile and he was a perfect angel with the little girl on his back and really perked up. I asked her friend to walk him and they walked him up and down the driveway several times. They were with Richie almost 2 hours today and he was absolutely enthralled and having the time of his life with these girls. He loved every minute of their attention and when Cindy rode in she said she never saw Richie this happy and attentive. He loved those girls and couldn't get enough of their attention.

I know it was a risky, but I was confident Richie would be a good boy about it. It was so heartwarming to see his contentment and complete focus on those kids. Now I can see where he belongs. Somewhere where he can be around kids and have them hang all over him and fuss over him. I've seen quite a few gentle horses in my life, but only a few that tolerate kids hanging all over them and actually enjoy it without getting annoyed or impatient after awhile. What a special boy."

Update - April 2010

Good news for our Richie. We are so excited to announce that our beloved Excessively Rich as found a new home. He will be relocated to Napa in the gorgeous California wine country at a sister rescue that also has a riding program. Richie will be able to be with the children he so dearly loves. Richie just lights up when children are present and he is incredibly patient and tolerant as well.