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Gasin the Turbo was born in 2002 and is by Bold Badgett. He is a beautiful chestnut with a white star on his forehead. This almost eight year gelding earned 85K at the track. He was one of the trainer's favorite horses because of his kind personality and work ethic. He was a gutsy and game race horse. While pulling up after his last race November 2008 he took a bad step. He has been off with a career ending injury for almost a year and is just now getting more comfortable in his ankle and recovering from his suspensory injury. Unfortunately, his owner will no longer pay for him to recuperate further and as it was determined that he couldn't race again Turbo is quickly running out of options.

We are looking for sponsors or a compassionate placement for Turbo. Unfortunately, Neigh Savers cannot sponsor him at this time although we would very much like to do so. We have virtually no donations coming in and only one of our horses has sponsorship. This is a pretty desperate situation and any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Turbo may never be 100% and might just be suitable as a pasture companion to another horse. He raced 38 times and won 6 of his races, placed 5 times and showed 6 times. He was quite the competitive athlete. However, like any old athlete, he will have battle scars and aches and pains that will be with him for the rest of his life.

His former trainer still thinks that as a pleasure horse for trail riding his prospects are likely good...however, we are not going to commit to that.

His ankle will probably fuse someday, but he is a classy horse and will most definitely work around it for his owner. He loves to exercise and needs someone who will GRADUALLY and patiently bring him back to full functionality. He tends to be over exhuberant when he knows he will be exercising, so his owner will have to respond judiciously to his excitement.

Update: November 2009

Turbo was rescued due to the generosity and compassion of Neigh Savers' supporters listed below. We just visited with Turbo and also with Bella (Sacramento Queen) who was rescued courtesy of Turbo. If it hadn't been for Jake who started it all and eventually stayed with his companion Sandy in Nevada probably this gelding and mare would not have had a happy ending at Paddington Station in Potter Valley, CA.

Turbo is doing very well and adjusting to life in a herd. He is low man though and luckily for him he knows his place and does not try to assert himself. He is moving fairly well and does not seem to be in any discomfort. He has a lovely and spacious pasture to hang out in during the day and comes into the barn or small paddock at night. Helen feels this is safer for him and shares that he is very happy to come in at night but also just as happy to go out during the day.

Turbo is very friendly, not skittish and enjoys the company of humans. He is quietly adjusting to other horses and the freedom to move around and seems relaxed and happy.

Watch Turbo on YouTube at the Double Bar S Ranch

Watch Turbo on YouTube at Paddington Station

Gasin the Turbo's ongoing monthly maintenance is made possible due to a generous anonymous long time friend and Neigh Savers' supporter. Thank you JC!

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