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Here's Woody - a 4 year old 16.2hh chestnut gelding that is still growing. Woody didn't enjoy the track life or racing so his trainer-owner compassionately donated him to Neigh Savers. Very sweet personality and easy to handle. Playful and enjoys hanging out in his paddock. Neat in his stall. He tore a large section of his hoof off and is currently not sound. Needs 30 to 60 days to grow it out and shoes. Will need to live in bell boots as he is growing and playful. Full sister to this boy is a spectacular jumper but this breeding takes time to mature as she is just now 5. He is in a growth state right now with his back end higher than his front end. Looking for a special person who is willing to let this boy mature and grow.

Update - January 2013

Woody is ready to start his training as he has been cleared by the vet to begin working. We do not believe he would make an eventer though nor is he suitable for grandprix jumping based on his conformation. Dressage, trail and arena riding would be best suited.

Update - February 2013

Woody was turned out to pasture in order to allow him to grow up naturally. He enjoys spending his days grazing and socializing with his buddies. He's lucky to be on 75 acres that are irrigated year round so there's always green grass to munch on and plenty of room to run around as well. As the last two photos show, Woody is doing very well. We look forward to bringing him back to Neigh Savers and continuing his training. As Woody has no sponsors he would love for someone to help him out. If you would like more information on Woody or would like to help sponsor him please email us at info@neighsavers.com

Update - July 2013

Woody has shown he is ready to be adopted. He has put on weight and is sound and happy as the last two photos show. The first time Helen put him in the arena he never spooked, acted up or did anything wrong. In fact he didn't even whinny for his buddies as most of them do so Helen has confirmed he does have a good mind. Helen says: "Last week we managed to get Woody out and not knowing what to expect I lunged him in the outdoor arena. After a bit one of the campers first leant over him, then got on him and I led him around then lunged her on him, then another camper got on and I did the same lungeing him in the walk and trot and then leading him around the outside on the grass in the arena. He behaved very well, so hopefully we can put a few more rides on him in the next couple of weeks and I can make another assessment of him." He's a green horse but shows a lot of promise.

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